The first bilingual business development conference has made it to Phoenix.

If you want to become a small business owner, well, now you can learn how to be one in two languages.

Compass CBS started in 2011 and has grown larger due to the increase of Hispanics living in Phoenix.

"As of now, we just worked with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and they verified we are the only bilingual business development center within their membership, which happens to be the national chamber membership, which allows us to explore the idea we are the only ones providing this," said Edgar Olivio the founder of Compass CBS.

At the moment, Compass CBS caters about 85 percent to Spanish speakers who are trying to start their own business in the Valley.

"You're going to get skills, you're going to get the classes here, you're going to get the mentorship that you need to be able to grow and scale your business," said Olivo about what Compass CBS provides.

Edgar says that every expert on their team is bilingual and they had made it their goal to have more Hispanic entrepreneurs.

"When I started my company six years ago, I saw there were no resources in Spanish and I thought to myself, that's when the lightbulb is going to go off and we are going to open up a training center," said Edgar.

Compass provides free business development classes, conferences and financial workshops for teens.

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