The smell of freshly made coffee and the view of various crepes are this shop's masterpieces and what it is known for.

Colados Coffee and Crepes Inc. in Avondale is a highly recognized shop for its traditional-style coffee and specialty crepes.

The owner, Yessica Reina from Sonora, Mexico recently was awarded Latina Entrepreneur of the Year by Cox Communications.

"We feel really happy and motivated for this award they have given us and it has helped us a lot," Yessica said. "The people believe in us more."

The staff's main mission is to try their very best to keep the feel of the shop family-oriented along with a cozy feeling.

With little to no English, Yessica's shop Coladas, has made a huge impact on the Latino community in Avondale and Yessica is very thankful.

"My husband and I worked in a company for more than 17 to 18 years and from one day to another, everything went south within the company and we needed to get out of there," said Yessica.

Yessica and her husband decided to open the crepe shop after a trip to Paris when they didn't have a job to come home to.

"We went to Paris and we were introduced to crepes and from an idea sparked and we decided to start a coffee and crepe shop," said Yessica.

She's far from the only Latina making waves in Arizona business.

“The number of Latina entrepreneurs in Arizona has tripled in the past decade, and they’ll continue to be at the vanguard of business growth for years to come,” said Arizona Chamber of Commerce Vice President Mónica Villalobos in a release.

And for every business entrepreneur seeking motivation ...

"We like to motivate people that they can achieve anything, they shouldn't stop themselves," Yessica said. "There are no limits and you can triumph."