In a society where most of us believe that beautiful means you should look a certain way, there are people and places that are always on a mission to change that perspective.

What if you were given a chance to be part of Boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a certain style featuring romantic, intimate and sometimes erotic images, essentially intended for only private use.

Owner and founder Jodi Lynn Maxwell of Le Boudoir in Scottsdale is giving empowering opportunities for women to feel spectacular in their own skin.

"This is to show you that you can be a model for a day and feel good and hopefully that helps with your perspective of yourself and your confidence," said Lynn.

Jodi is aware that many people still criticize boudoir photography, but her studio's method is to empower women and give their confidence back.

"I did a client session and she came to her viewing, sat down and you could tell she was really nervous, she said, 'Am I going to like these?'" said Lynn.

That client and session changed Jodi's perspective of Boudoir and life.

"Once the slide show came on, we put it on with some music, just tears came down her face and when the slideshow was over she looked over at me and said, 'Thank you for making me feel beautiful," said Jodi.

The studio also specializes in boudoir photography for women who are pregnant and even conduct a special project on the side for women that have breast cancer.

"We actually have done quite a few free sessions for women that are going through chemo and going through cancer, it's called the Bald and Beautiful Project," said Lynn.

This project is a separate nonprofit organization, but Jodi decided to join the movement and be a designated photographer for Arizona.

"They're a little fearful at first and you can kind of see it on their face and as soon as they see their first image that you show them, that relaxation all over – it shows," said Lynn.

Jodi says they will choosing a woman going through chemotherapy once every other month for a free boudoir photography session.

She says the women will also need to submit their story as well. You can email your story to

Jodi hopes that women will get inspired by boudoir photography to help them feel strong and motivated to always feel beautiful.