We can all agree that spring is one of the worst allergy seasons in Phoenix, and if you never suffered from allergies, well you might just start.

Or, you could be one of the lucky ones and not experience it at all!

There are several remedies people use to either calm their allergies down or not feel them at all.

Some actually work, but some can be just plain myths.

According to Dr. Johnston from Arrowhead Health Center, there are several treatments that are myths.

MYTH 1: You should only take medication when you show symptoms of an allergy attack
False: Many allergy medications such as nasal sprays like Flonase are designed to work cumulatively, meaning they build over time.

MYTH 2: Eating local honey will prevent seasonal allergies.
False: Experts say this is wishful thinking and research shows that there is no effect of local honey on allergies.

MYTH 3: Your down pillow is causing allergies
False: While the feathers in your down pillow are not causing your allergies, it is possible that your pillow contains dust, pet dander, etc., that could be making your allergies worse. There's no need to throw away your pillow, just get a protective cover.

MYTH 4: Pollen allergies are only present in spring
False: In Arizona especially, allergies can be present throughout the year.
If you like some more information on how to reduce your allergies, you can reach out to Dr. Johnston here.