When we think of MMA fighting, some automatically envision buff men in cage.

Arianne Christensen from Texas, also known as "Baby Rambo," says she notices how women MMA fighters get more of an applause and support in Arizona compared to other places.

"I was working out in a gym and some combative guys were down there and (I) pretty much joined them," said Arianne.

Arianne now lives in Phoenix and owes her life to MMA fighting after it helped her go through a rough patch.
"It was probably one of the roughest time of my life I've ever gone through," said Arianne.

Six years ago, Arianne was going through a tough divorce and was fighting day in and day out for the custody of her daughter.

After over a year of fighting for custody, she finally has her seven-year-old daughter living with her.
She thanks MMA for the emotional strength and for saving her life.

"If I didn't have fighting, I don't think I would be here still, I think ... I don't know if I would have given up, but I know I wouldn't be the same person," said Arianne.

She trains vigorously with Coach William Beach at his private home gym.

Arianne recently competed at the World Fighting Federation's Wild Horse Pass event.

"(He) definitely cares about the fighters and cares about the sport and it shows," said Arianne about her coach.

Her coach trains Arianne and other MMA fighters and sometimes all he asks in return is for a case of water or just show gratitude as repayment.

"He goes above and beyond of what he's even asked to do," said Arianne.

At the moment, Arianne has her hands full. She's a full-time student at the Arizona State University, takes her daughter to her after school activities, works full-time, trains and competes in MMA fights.

Thanks to her family and support like her coach, she's able to do it all. It's hard, but not impossible.

"I proved to myself what I was capable of and that if I wanted to go and do something, then I was going to go and make it happen," said Arianne.

Arianne needs a couple more amateur fights in order to make it to professional MMA fighting, which she says she will finally start next year.