Recently, the Phoenix Rescue Mission began again Code: Red, which is a heat relief campaign that delivers water and other items to those living on the streets in need.

The campaign launched in 2013 and last year in 2016, the mission was able to collect close to 1 million donated water bottles.

Currently, the mission is far from collecting that amount again this year, and is in desperate need to be able to continue the campaign.

The mission must be able to get close to 1 million donated water bottles by August 31 to successfully continue with its Code: Red campaign, according to a release. (Moved this line up)

The Phoenix Rescue Mission and MATCH: Restaurant & Cocktails in downtown Phoenix have partnered up to collect and distribute donated water bottles to people in need this summer.

MATCH is located on Central Avenue and Portland Street and at noon on Wednesday, the community will be able to bring cases of water.
For every case that is donated, you will get a buy-one-get-one-free certificate to enjoy at the restaurant.

All of the water donations will go directly to Phoenix Rescue Mission.

You can also still donate water to the Phoenix Rescue Mission if you are not able to attend the event on Wednesday.