The Phoenix Rescue Mission is planning to open a cafe in Downtown Phoenix where once another well-known restaurant, Oaxaca, stood.

All the employees will be part of the mission's vocational development program working at the newly Mission Possible Cafe, according to the mission.

"We have a long-term intensive residential recovery program, so we're doing recovery, from life-controlling problems, addiction and abuse," said Jay Cory, the president and CEO of the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

The vocational development program also assists men, women and children in the community who struggle with various traumas and homelessness.

Not only does the program help with focusing on sobriety, but it also offers job training especially in food services.

"They're going to be learning serve safety, management training, food safety and food handling," said Jay.

He says that it's a full-service restaurant and there will be full-time employees guiding and teaching the rehab clients as well.

Many have benefited from the mission's program and have turned their lives into successful new beginnings.

"We've already produced many, like assistant manager and above, leaders in the food service industry in the Valley," said Jay.

The program is eight months long and the mission is to use the restaurant as a tool to help recovering clients get back on their feet.

Once one completes the course, the mission is in hopes to provide a full-time job within the restaurant.

"We will have four rotational jobs where they actually work full-time, with benefits," said Jay.

The cafe will be open Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The cafe is set to open in October.