Among the many attendees at the Chicanos Por La Causa 48th Anniversary on Thursday, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton couldn't miss out on this ceremony.

Stanton is a big supporter of the Latino organization around the Valley along with Janet Murguia, who is the president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza.

NCLR is an organization that partners with many affiliates across the country to assist Latinos in the areas of civic engagement, civil rights, immigration, education, workforce and health, according to its website

Janet Murguia was a recipient of the Cause for Change Award at the event, along with Cheech Marin.

Where feel very strong about being a voice and making a difference in the Latino community.

Recently, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the U.S.-Mexico border to speak on immigration, saying he wants to prosecute undocumented immigrants more harshly

Stanton responded saying, " Mexico, our neighbor to the south, is a great neighbor. They are a peaceful partner and they have a growing economy and a growing middle class.”

Stanton said that there should be better relations with Mexico.

"And this redirect and this evasiveness when it comes to immigration policy here in the United States, we had a pass comprehensive immigration reform, 'what happened to that?' it should have been passed year ago," said Stanton.

The comprehensive immigration reform was a bill that would have provided legal status and a way for undocumented immigrants to get their citizenship. 

Stanton also thinks that no city in the United States will benefit more from comprehensive immigration reform than Phoenix.

We also asked Janet Murguia about her thoughts about the comments made by Sessions.

"We really need to make an effort to really get comprehensive immigration reform. We've come close, we need to keep at it and that's where we should be focusing our efforts because everything else is only creating temporary solutions, not permanent ones," said Murguia.

"We need to protect and defend our community and we need to make sure that those folks who are not a threat to our community or to our country are not being ripped away from their families, from their citizen children."

The National Council of La Raza will hold its conference in Phoenix in October. It’s been seven years since the last time the conference was in Phoenix.

After SB 1070 was passed in Arizona, the organization felt offended, but now the organization sees more of an encouragement to get out to Phoenix.