Remember the times when you were a kid and everyone rode places on their bikes?

Well, it still can be that way.

The City of Mesa and other community parks in the Valley are offering Ride-in Movies at the Park starting Saturday.

The first movie showing at Harmony Park in Mesa at 7:00 p.m. The movie -- Hocus Pocus!

"We're seeking input from our residents on what they want more in the city and -- more bike paths," said Amy Connell the Transportation Public Information office for the City of Mesa.

Once a month, until May 5, 2018, moviegoers and bike riders can go watch a movie for free at a specified park.

"These movies are completely free to the public, even the popcorn is free," said Amy.

The community can either walk or rent a bike, but of course, riding a bike, with your helmet on is more enjoyable.

"People can absolutely bring their own bikes," said Connell.

So, 12 News went on a bike ride around the park.

If you haven't biked in a while, we suggest you warm up before you head out. We say it in a joking manner.

“It’s just a really important way for neighborhoods to connect and to learn more about the bike and ped offerings in their neighborhood,” said Connell.

Cornell mentioned that the City of Mesa is always looking for ways to incorporate biking.

If you would like to know which parks and dates the Ride-N-Movie will occur, click here.