He has eyes of of honey and will make your heart melt.

Meet Ranger, a chocolate Labrador retriever, only 6 months old and the first pup to be trained to become a park ranger and assist in community outreach programs for the City of Glendale and in the Valley.

Glendale Parks and Recreation made it a point that Ranger become a best friend to the entire community by providing unconditional love and joy.

Ranger was brought from Colorado and has been in training ever since as the first K9 in the department's community outreach program.

Ranger came to visit 12 News on Wednesday and showed us a of couple tricks.

"Our mission is to bring smiles, and to have people come play with them (the dog and ranger) ... a feel good dog,"said Chris.

This adorable pup can sit, lay down, and even give you a fist bump.

His handler, Chris Kurtzhals says the city has been able to use Ranger as an icebreaker with the homeless community as well.

Basically, Chris and other park rangers go out to the community and use Ranger to help guide people in need to a better route in life.

They have so far have helped more than 16 people in need by using Ranger.

Ranger has already attended events in the community, including at schools and hospitals.

"Oh, people love him. He will stick out his head out the window and people wave. Sometimes they don't even see I'm there with him," said Chris.

Ranger still has months to go to be fully trained.

There is a huge difference between Ranger's job and dogs who are trained to be in law enforcement.

Dogs in law enforcement are trained to smell bombs and basically risks their lives, says Chris.

Ranger is just trained to make people happy and to assist people in need.

Chris says that Ranger's training and supplies are provided only by donation and sponsorships.

The city hopes to bring more dogs onto this program, but that might be a while from now.

If you would like to help donate to Ranger's training click here and follow his journey by Instagram @ranger_glendaleaz.