GILBERT, Ariz. - It's definitely marshmallow heaven!

In July 2016, a dessert bar in Gilbert called "Fluff It" became an internet sensation after INSIDER highlighted their marshmallow shop. It's the place to be to soothe your sweet tooth.

12 News went again to pay a visit because, why not?

We spoke with one of the owners, Tricia Acre, and she said business has boomed after their viral fame a year ago. In fact, many people, including tourists, make a visit to their shop.

Tricia and her wife Hazel have made it their mission to stay true to making the best marshmallows ever.

Tricia says that ever since their dessert bar went viral, their shop is packed every day and every minute of the day.

She has to thank her grandmother for the success she and her wife have. Tricia's grandmother passed away five years ago and she couldn't cope with the loss.

So, she turned to baking and the marshmallow idea just happened to fall in her lap. Tricia said she disliked marshmallows with a passion, but when her grandmother passed away she developed a passion for baking them.

Well, the rest is history.

For obvious reasons.

At the moment, the rainbow unicorn marshmallow cup is the most popular treat.

"It's usually the kiddos that like the colorful ones," said Tricia.

Their business is expanding and you can even order these goodies online.