Yes, you read that right.

It's all for a great cause. The Arizona Animal Welfare League gathered 12 models who donated their time, along with adoptable pups and kittens for its annual Models, Mutts, Meow calendar photo shoot.

12 News went behind the scenes to take a look at how very hot men in underwear modeled adorable animals ready to get adopted.

"It shows all of our sheltered animals in an amazing light and it shows they are full of passion, full of love and looking for wonderful families," said Michael Morefield, the communications manager for the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

And we can't forget ... hot men!

Basically, everything was donated for the calendar photo shoot, including the photographer Eric Cassee.

"A lot of the work I do is challenging and beautiful, but not always a dream project and this kind of combines all the things that I really like, such as animals and people," said Cassee, a freelance photographer.

It takes a lot of heart and emotion for the models and photographer to express compassion through a photograph while still looking sexy.

The photo shoot session 12 News attended was for a three-legged pup who is set and ready to go to home.

"A shelter that we work with amputated her leg. She's already learning how to run around, play and really not let her slow her down in any way," said Morefield.

It was the cutest sight ever.

A man in underwear posing with a pup is many women's dream come true.

But in this case, a lot more men and several Sun City residents seem to be the shelter's No. 1 buyer of the calendar.

"We definitely have a lot of men that buy these calendars, but we also have a lot of women," Morefield said. "It's all over the age racket as well, we have some people that are seniors. We had quite a few orders from Sun City last year."

Morefield also mentioned that all the money they receive from people buying the calendar goes back to the shelter.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League is solely based on donations and they do their best in showing off their lovely animals in hopes they will be adopted by a wonderful home.