It's been a rough time for 17-year-old Arizona Wish Kid Francisco.

For a couple years he was battling leukemia. He found out about his diagnosis right before he turned 16.

Now, after a long battle, Francisco is now a leukemia survivor and he's getting something any teen would love to have -- a car.

Not just any car, but a truck.

Right before he got diagnosed, Francisco had just gotten his license.

Francisco didn't have the strength to even give driving a try.

His family owns a Chevy truck and their only wish and Francisco's was to have their truck renovated.

Make-A-Wish Arizona made it happen and 12 News was there during the surprise.

A local shop in Scottsdale called Unique Upholstery decided to take on Francisco's wish and donated various parts.

The truck looked completely brand new.

The truck was almost entirely renovated and even the sound system was fixed.

"This is awesome," said Francisco. (You don't have a more interesting quote from him?)

As he walked through the shop to see his renovated truck, he couldn't hold back his smile.

Many of the workers at Unique Upholstery also donated their time to create exactly what Francisco wanted.

We asked Francisco in Spanish about the first thing he plans to do with his fresh ride.

"I am going to drive it and take a girl out," he said.

Francisco also mentioned that he is feeling a long healthier and is just happy to have his car.