Louis Cobrales is a cancer survivor and an eighth grader at Andalucia Middle School in Phoenix.

Even with a sprained ankle, he made sure he got his message across to us.

At the age of 7 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

"For the first time in my life I felt powerless. There was nothing I can do to help my son because it was out of my control," said Alex Cobrales, Louis's father.

It's a situation that no parent would ever have to see their child go through. Even through the harsh medications, it didn't stop Louis from keeping his chin up high and giving a helping hand to others.

While in the hospital, Louis would still go out of his way for other cancer patients enduring the same or worse process as he was.

"In the beginning, I couldn't really understand why he would continuously do this, but he would get up people drinks of water, he'd grab games that were out of reach of other children, he'd play with other kids that were sitting there by themselves," said Mr. Cobrales.

There's no doubt Louis has a heart of gold and he is definitely recognized for it.

After four years of ongoing medications and hospital visits, at the age of 12, he was cancer free.

His experience and kindness of donating his time just keeps going.

Louis now donates his time at the YMCA at the Christown Mall and also motivates kids through a program called Hope Kids.

Hope Kids is a program that support families who have a child with cancer.

"We do different events for kids who are actually in the process, who are trying to overcome cancer, and just try to make other kids feel welcomed," said Louis.

Louis is considered a hero after so many hours of giving back to the community and going above and beyond for his peers.

Andalucia is considered a Title 1 school, which tends to serve lower-income communities.

"Hes got this sense about him that really just causes him to want to give," said Raul Ruiz, the Principal of Andalucia Middle School.

At such a young age, Louis was given a chance to meet with the district's superintendent regularly to discuss issues or needs about his school.

Louis has a high concern for the well-being of his peers.

"Having a better education, making sure everyone can succeed and even aim better like go college," said Louis about his aspirations for his peers.

This story is a reminder, that with various life obstacles, you just have to look on the brighter side and be selfless sometimes.