The second annual Latino Disability Summit and Resource Fair will add new activities and expand its outreach.

Chicanos Por La Causa, along with AARP Phoenix and Ability360, will host the summit on Sept. 16 at Ability360.

"Our primary target is to really get the families especially the monolingual families -- the Spanish-speaking families that know very little about disabilities -- and bring them and not only them but their entire family," said Pedro Cons, who is the executive vice president of integrated health and human services for Chicanos Por La Causa.

The summit will provide various workshops back to back about mental health, immigration workforce incentives and Social Security benefits.

Additional new activities and more information will be provided at this year's summit. This includes sensory activities for kids with autism, therapy dog interaction and training information and accessible voting machines from the Maricopa County Elections Department.

Rebeca Cauvazos, a graphic designer and Latino representative for Ability360, is passionate and encourages all people to attend the summit.

"The disability is something that (could) happen to anybody, it could happen at any moment," said Rebeca.

Rebeca said Ability360 helped her regain motivation in life after being in a car accident in Mexico.

"I started to see all the benefits I can get from this organization and I was willing to volunteer as soon as I started to come continuously," said Rebeca.

After hard work and volunteering at Ability360, Rebeca finally was offered a job as their graphic designer.

If we want to advance as a society, we need to educate the whole society and be aware of the needs of people with disabilities, said Rebeca.

Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group, but have remained the lowest in educational attainment, according to a release by Chicanos Por La Causa.

Attendees will also have access to workshops and information about programs to help families reach their full potential.

Throughout the event, there will be mariachi music and prices for the attendees.