Pumpkin carving is at its finest right in our backyard.

The city of Carefree is bringing in the Halloween spirit for a second year with whimsical pumpkin carvings from the talented sculptor Ray Villafane.

Ray is an internationally acclaimed American sculptor who has traveled around the world sculpting amazing figures and scenes made out of pumpkins, sand and even snow.

The Enchanted Pumpkin Garden will be open to the public and located throughout the Carefree Desert Gardens.

It's definitely a mesmerizing view of pumpkins. According to Ray, it takes about six hours to complete one of his magically carved pumpkins.

12 News had the chance to Facebook live one of his recent pumpkin carvings -- which lasted only 30 minutes. Even in 30 minutes, Ray was able to create an incredible smiley pumpkin face.

The pumpkin garden will be open from Oct. 17 through the 31st, between 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., at 101 Easy Street in Carefree.

For its second year, there will be an unveiling of Ray's life-size scarecrows which are handcrafted and made out of organic materials.

Kiddos will be able to enjoy the playful pumpkins, in addition, Ray and his team carved ten 3D pumpkin faces displayed in tanks that resemble Saguaro cacti.

Ray said it's best for people to come during nighttime to look at the lighted up pumpkins.

We also asked Ray what keeps him motivated to keep carving or sculpting.

"Do something you love," he said. In other words, let your job be something you love to do and be passionate about it.

There's no doubt you can absolutely see the passion within these pumpkins.