She's fierce. She's driven. She definitely knows how to bust a move.

Jenzi Russell is a gender-fluid, plus-size Arizona choreographer beating all odds in the arts and dance community of Arizona.

Her passion for dance just runs in her veins, so much that now, she has made herself an established choreographer.

"In 2008 is when I formed a female dance group with a partner by the name of KT (Kirsten) and we formed a female dance group by the name of FDI (Females Do It Better) ... so cheesy, oh my gosh... so we formed that and that's what got me into choreography," said Jenzi about her beginnings in becoming a dance choreographer.

Jenzi has been dancing since grade school and travels from state to state to teach dance classes.

Her class in Tempe gets so packed that people are basically dancing in the restroom just to get some space.

There is no stopping Jenzi from pursuing her goals. In fact, her plus-size frame or sexuality has never been an issue.

"I never had to deal with the gay bashing or bullying. It's something that I never had to experience, so when I got into dancing and choreography, I was always rewarded ... look at that 'big boy' or that 'big girl' so for me it wasn't really an issue," said Jenzi.

Already, Jenzi has choreographed for major celebrities including rapper Wale and she recently was invited to choreograph for a TLC show called "My Big Fat Fabulous Life."

Jenzi said she is sure that the more she gets involved in the dance industry, she is sure she will face some shaming.

She is on her way to opening up her own dance studio in Arizona, but her end goal is to be in Los Angeles.

Her advice if you are trying to be an aspiring dancer is to get involved in anything that you can.

So, can anybody be a dancer?

"Not anyone, not anyone can be that girl," said Jenzi jokingly.

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