Actress Minka Kelly is a hot conversation right now. You might remember her for her roles in "Friday Night Lights" and "Parenthood."

Not only is she a pretty face in movies, but she travels and is a part of organizations that inspire and motivate communities.

Recently, Minka visited Ecuador to take a look at Ecuador's cocoa farming communities to learn more about what DOVE chocolate will be doing different in the upcoming years.

I'm from Ecuador, and my family is from there, so it really interested me to know her thoughts on the farming community.

"I got to spend time and see the first five steps that it takes to make a DOVE chocolate, the manual harvesting, the manual pod collection ... these farmers are checking these (cocoa) beans twice by hand," said Minka.

According to Minka, DOVE chocolate will be the first company to to use 100 percent cocoa in their product by 2020.

She also said DOVE will be working with these individual farming communities and will provide better planting materials for them.

At the moment, Mink is working on several projects and has an upcoming movie, but her main passion is her organization called Fashionable.

Her organization focuses on providing jobs for women who have overcome certain obstacles in their lives – mainly women in Ethiopia, Mexico and Peru.