It was an powerful moment out in Scottsdale at CM2 Pizzeria & Bakeshop.

Breast cancer survivors joined together to promote a breast cancer awareness campaign on Thursday.

"I wanted women to feel comfortable with the way that they look before, during or after having these types of issues, like breast cancer," said owner of CM2 Pizzeria & Bakeshop Nantas Sodano.

CM2 Pizzeria & Bakeshop held a photo shoot with breast cancer survivors and other models posing topless with strategically placed cookies.

Alicia Dominiguez, a breast cancer survivor, came to the photo shoot in hopes that it will show the beauty of supporting one another.

"It's amazing, just the strength that comes within yourself when you feel like you have nothing else left. It's amazing the strength and the hope that people give you to fight,"she said.

She said she thought this photo shoot was really cool and can't emphasize the importance of women being on top of their health.

"Breast cancer can come at any age," said Alicia.

For the entire month of October, a dollar from every cookie sold at the shop will go towards a nonprofit organization called Singleton Moms, which nurtures single parents battling cancer and their children.