Summer is here and that means babies!

Not just any babies, but babies from the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park in Litchfield Park!

There are about 600 species at the zoo, so that means there are always new babies to visit.

12 News did a Facebook Live and we had two cute babies from the zoo join in. We had a 1-month-old porcupine and a baby joey named Flash.

It's not super hot yet so it's still a good time to visit these cuties without feeling the burn -- literally.

At the moment, according to Kristy Morcom, the director of media relations of the zoo, the list below are the babies that you can see now at the park:

1. Southern bald ibis

2. Patagonian cavies

3. Capybaras

4. African crested porcupine

5. African blue duiker

6. Javelinas

7. Warthogs

8. Alpaca

9. Wallabies

10. Spider monkeys

11. Ring-tailed lemurs