LAVEEN, Ariz. - A house in Laveen has touched the hearts of many and has been a family tradition for many generations.

With more than 300,000 Christmas lights, 400 cartoons and three hidden Waldos surround the property for the public to find.

"We do it for my family here, people enjoy it and the kids, I watch them (kids) go around and yell out their favorite cartoons amd it makes you feel good inside," said Pattie Tasker, the owner of Cartoonland in Laveen.

Patti and her husband, Mel Tasker, are owners of the home and have been giving joy to many of the Arizona residents for 22 years now.

"Every year we add a lot, like this year, we added 42 new cartoon characters," said Mel.

And when asked about Waldo?

"Of course," said Patti.

Prepare yourself for a small scavenger hunt to find the three Waldos.

Which was pretty difficult since all three are well hidden within the thousands of Christmas lights.

The Christmas lights will be up each night up until Jan. 1. For those who visit the house, a box is set up to accept donations.

"The money goes to the light bill, burn outs of the lights and we also give out lots of teddy bears," said Patti.

Mel and Patti are so passionate about giving smiles back to the community, but there is a possibility that this may be the last year they will be able to light up their home.

"We don't know what we are doing here yet, it is commercial property, we're supposed to be sold soon and when we do, I will not be doing this in the future," said Patti.

There are up and coming developments for Laveen including the 202 freeway.

We contacted both the Arizona Department of Transportation and the City of Phoenix about the "Christmas House" and how the freeway and the developments will affect the future existence of the home.

The Arizona Department of Transportation said,"The property is located outside of the alignment of the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway," said Doug Nintzel, a spokesperson for ADOT in an email. "All of the residential properties that were needed for construction of the 22-mile freeway, have already been acquired and removed."

The City of Phoenix said that they have not approached Patti and Mel about their current property since they do not do outreach related to developments on private property.

At this point, Patti and Mel say they are just waiting to see what the owner of the fields around their property will do. Either buy them out, or not. All they can do is keep pushing forward with their Cartoonland.

"I don't know how it's going to affect the community because this is a tradition for people, I've heard how kids start out and now they have their kids," said Patti.

We can only hope that this memorable home will continue for more years to come.