For one Peoria woman it has been a tradition every Halloween to spice up her entire front yard with Goodwill dolls.

Not just any dolls, but creepy and creative ones.

At first glance, one will think it's a pretty absurd idea due to the fact many children go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

Jennifer Manning has handmade over 180 dolls and she is aiming for 200 the following year.

She started about three years ago, as a stay-at-home mother, she found hobbies to keep herself busy and this happens to be one of them.

Manning says that there is no real reason why she has such a passion of creating zombie dolls other than it's something she learned over time and plus, they are pretty affordable.

Most of the dolls she gets are no more than $2.

Manning's yard has dolls in coffins, hanging from her roof, in cribs and even at the front entrance of her home.

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We asked Manning if parents ever complained about her zombie doll house and she said,"No, they all love it, in fact, a little girl said I stepped it up this year and that made me feel real good."

She hopes to eventually fill her entire house one day for her favorite holiday, Halloween.

"People stop by just to look at my house," Manning said.

12 News had the chance to go on a 10 minute tour of her home and if you don't have a thing for dolls, this tour isn't for you.

To check it out for yourself, Manning and her creepy home can be found in Peoria on the corner of Pershing Avenue.