A unique children's book is making its way to the Valley.

It's encouraging, creative and inspiring.

A mother of two and an artist, Diane Alber from Phoenix has created a book that brings out the art in kiddos -- scribbling.

"Scribbles, I think for a long time people just looked at the at just scribbling and there is just so much more than," said Diane.

Diane started a kickstarter for her scribble book in August and was able to accumulate more $15,000.

"I wanted to be able to have parents that are excited about their kids artwork no matter what it looks like, so if it's just a scribble, a line or a circle, that you hang it proudly on your refrigerator," said Diane.

Diane's inspiration? Her son, actually. Diane says her 3-year-old son would draw scribbles and he just wasn't all too happy about his artwork.

"One day, we do a lot of crafts, and he found one of those googly eyes and put it on his drawing and he was so excited," said Diane.

That's how her book came about and created the character named Scribble.

It's an adorable way to give kiddos confidence and excited about scribbling.

"By putting the eyes and mouths on it, it makes the drawings come alive and it makes the drawing have something special to it as well," said Diane.

Already, more than 600 books have been ordered since her kickstarter campaign.

An elementary out in Florida, showed Diane and her book much appreciation.

A teacher ordered her books and was grateful at the fact Diane's scribble book made it easier for her autistic students to read.

"There's certain disorders where you can't do smiley faces and things like that and so this gives children the ability to draw when they have a really difficult time doing it," said Diane.

Diane says the scribble book is good between the ages two and six.

At the moment, Diane has set up a different account for people to help and fund her book on Indigogo.com.

The book will come with stickers and each page has inspirational guidance to guide your kiddos with colors.