He has been in over 150 racquetball championships, over 25 Senior Olympics and he's got the trophies upon trophies to prove it.

Lake Westphal celebrated his 95th birthday Wednesday, and he is probably one of the most active people you would meet at his age.

12 News went to visit Lake at the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center of Sun City West, where he plays racquetball twice a week.

Here's how the conversation started:

Ozzy: "Today is your birthday."

Lake: "Yes, today is my birthday."

Ozzy: "I mean, you're 95. That is amazing. I mean, I don't even feel like you're 95. You don't even look like it either, so do you play this every day still?"

Lake: "I play this twice a week."

Lake has been playing the sport for about 50 years and his goal is to live to 100 years old.

"I've never trained in my life and I have played national racquetball tournaments all over the country," said Lake.

For never training in his life, Lake is actually the oldest racquetball player in the country, according to the Racquetball Players Association of Arizona.

He has no problem admitting either.

Lake: "I am oldest as far as I know."

Ozzy: "In the country?"

Lake: "In the country."

Lake says that he will sometimes play a few games against the "youngsters," which in this case are 70- to 80-year-olds.

There is no stopping Lake in living life to the fullest. Since With football season coming soon, he also works at the University of Phoenix Stadium as security and he added that he gets paid to do that job.

Of course, we had to ask Lake what is his secret to being so active at his age.

"I don't like being around old people because most of them are complainers and they're always complaining," said Lake.

He showed me some tricks to the sport, but of course I pretended I knew what I was doing.

Lake also doesn't diet at all. He doesn't believe in counting calories.

"If you can show me a calorie, I (will) know they exist. Otherwise they don't exist," said Lake.

Lake says he will be competing in October at a racquetball tournament called Men of October in Sun City West and encourages the community to come and support all the players.