Sisters 9-year-old Shya and 7-year-old Madison Pethtel not learned the value of giving back to an entire community, but experienced a life-changing moment in Mexico.

The mother of the girls, Jessica Enriquez, contacted 12 News regarding the wonderful experience. A total of eight families went to Mexico to donate new pajamas and build homes to for an orphanage in Mexico.

"My daughter's classmates' father, Mr. Philip Tirone, from Archway Veritas, had coordinated an opportunity for families to go out to what we called a 'No Entitlement weekend,' for our kids ranging in ages from six to 15," said Jessica in an email.

The families decided to not only donate unused pajamas to an orphanage, but to also build homes for families in need that live in incredibly poor conditions in Mexico.

Jessica says the parents in the group, including herself, wanted to show their kids the importance of not just dropping off donations to people in need, but to actually roll up their sleeves and helping.

The family members decided to set up a GoFundMe page and were able to raise enough funds for pajamas and even soccer balls to give back to Rancho Feliz in Mexico.

Rancho Feliz is a a non-profit organization which is volunteer based. They serve in the community of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.

A total of 27 pajamas were donated, 60 gift bags for the homeless families and a home was built for the people at Rancho Feliz by the eight families.

"One gentleman that we helped build a house for has two young boys and is also raising two other boys who were abandoned by his sister," said Jessica about her and her daughter's experience out at Rancho Feliz. "All of the kids were under six years of age and he (the gentleman) works as bus driver for $100 a month!"

The GoFundMe is still on-going to support Rancho Feliz, said Jessica.

Jessica and her two daughters plan on continuing this tradition with families annually and they are absolutely pleased with all the smiles they were able to put on the kids faces.

"One of the most fulfilling experiences as a parent to see your children give of themselves selflessly to those in need," said Jessica.