With temperatures possibly reaching a high of 116 degrees or maybe a bit more, no one really looks forward to cooking in Phoenix.

Especially, the oven or stove top. It can get quite warm if you're either cooking indoors or outdoors.

So, we have gathered five recipes that hopefully will keep you sane and not having to bust a sweat.

1. If you have a sweet tooth or need a quick sweet snack for the little ones, a no-bake Chocolate Lava Cake is what you need.

2. A delicious, fresh cucumber sandwich! A Cream Cheese Cucumber Sandwich.

3. We can't forget the pizza! Unfortunately, you do have to use a stove to make this pizza, but it's better than an oven.

4. For a quick breakfast and clean eating, check out this refrigerated oatmeal! So tasty and filling!

5. Delicious Strawberry Lemonade Mini Cheesecakes! A perfect treat for your little ones.