No one could ever forget the tragic moment and sight of the event that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

In remembrance for the people that lost their lives, about 300 active duty, first responders and military members climbed 2,071 steps at the massive Gila River Arena on Friday.

Amongst the participants, were about 60 military members from Luke Air Force Base.

"We're super honored to be a part of this we have public servants from all the different areas in our community and we also have all different branches of the military," said Brook Lenard the Commander of the 56th Fighter Wing of Luke Air Force Base.

This is the second annual 911 Tower Challenge and all the money raised goes toward two organizations called 100 Club of Arizona and Fighter Country.

The difference this year compared to other years, each participant will wear a wrist band with a name of a fallen individual of 9/11.

Not only were participants able to wear a significant wrist band, but once they finished climbing the steps, the personal rang a bell.
Ringing this bell was another symbol demonstrating honor and remembering the fallen of 9/11.

"As they climbed, (participants) they were able to see the faces on the stairs and kind of correlate that face to a name," said Angela Harrolle the President and CEO of the 100 Club of Arizona.

Angela was right next to Pentagon in another building while the Sept. 11 attacks occurred. She says how she was there helping people evacuate and saw the terror.

"This is very dear to my heart," said Harrolle.

Many participants were in full gear while climbing the stairs to show respect and dedication.

"I've never climbed these many stairs at once, but I'm proud to kind of walk the same trail that many of our public servants did," said Commander Lenard.