Lemonade! Lemonade! Come get your lemonade!

A tall iced glass of lemonade goes perfectly well with the harsh Valley summer.

Duality PR and a local signage company called bluemedia in Scottsdale, responsible for the Super Bowl 49 signage, are giving away 100 lemonade stands to Arizona kidpreneurs. That amount is equivalent to $20,000 in just the materials to make the stands.

It's first come, first serve, so the first 100 kiddos who sign up for a stand, will have the chance to make some money this summer.

Until Friday, June 16, kids ages 8 to 14 can sign up for a stand for free.

Bluemedia does ask that at least 50 percent of the proceeds that the kids make goes back to either charity or their school.

Lily Klugman, who attends Madison Meadows Elementary School, is eager to start selling lemonade. At the moment, her school is going through some major construction and are in need of funds.

"It's going to make me feel really good because I never have had this opportunity to help my school because we have never done construction or anything like that," said Lily.

The kids will receive their own stand and be able to build it themselves. Whichever stand makes the most money selling lemonade at the end of summer, will receive a prize!

"It warms my heart, it makes me feel like I as a parent am doing a good job, but I think the idea of as a business, supporting causes that give back again, makes me feel we are doing the right thing," said Joe Holt the Marketing Manager at bluemedia.