Ten-year-old Owen Mahan is nothing less than a hero.

Owen is 10 years old and is from Pittsboro, Indiana. He suffered from severe burns from scalding water over 98 percent of his body at the age of 2.

Doctors said Owen would never talk, walk or do many of the things most children have the ability to do.

Owen is no stranger to the public eye and after countless of inspiring moments, he's again, demonstrating his awesomeness here in the Valley of the Sun.

He's a courageous young boy who has overcome many obstacles.

Recently, Owen needed to have both of his legs amputated and have received new prosthetic legs.

According to his Facebook post, Owen is doing well and one of his wishes was to meet a Golden Retriever named Chi Chi who is in Arizona.

Owen's wish will be granted.

Chi Chi and Owen will meet for the first time for a therapy session on Saturday at Deer Valley Airport and spend the day together.

Chi Chi is a Certified Therapy Dog and us a quadruple amputee. She was rescued from South Korea as she was about to considered ready for slaughter and sold into the dog meat trade.

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She was in such cruel conditions, she needed to have all four of her legs amputated to save her life.

For one day, Chi Chi and Owen will meet. They both are a true testament on love, compassion and motivation.