MESA, Ariz. - A driver headed the wrong way on US 60 in Mesa hit four other vehicles on the freeway Monday night, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Fortunately, all of the are described as minor collisions. A DPS official said the driver was arrested after driving about five miles the wrong way.

Cpt. Tim Mason with DPS said the driver hit five vehicles while entering the off-ramp at Country Club Road.

A trooper saw the driver headed the wrong way while calls streamed into DPS's office, and troopers started working to stop the vehicle.

Troopers converged on the driver as he tried to exit the freeway at a Val Vista Drive on-ramp. DPS is investigating whether the driver was intoxicated.

Mason said two troopers set up a traffic break at Val Vista Drive, but the driver went past before they were able to stop him.

One driver said he narrowly avoided the vehicle headed the wrong way. He saw the cars in front of him move to the right as the wrong-way driver approached in the HOV lane.

"I didn't know what to think, I mean it was just, it all happened so fast," driver Sean said. "I just looked up. My cousin screamed and that's what kind of got me. Reality just hit and I kind of just had to move out of the way."

DPS said the vehicle got on headed east in westbound lanes on US 60 at Mesa Drive. Eventually it was stopped at Val Vista Drive.

DPS is still investigating.