LAKE SUPERIOR, Wisc - As fish stories go, you may have to account for a bit of fabrication.

For Aron and Lacey Kastern, fishing is a big part of the life. They live in Northern Wisconsin and for Lacey, who was 10-days overdue with their second child, fishing on Mother's Day weekend is the way she wanted it.

"It was quite a fight," Kastern chuckles.

The fight was with a 54 inch lake sturgeon on Lake Superior Saturday morning. It was the biggest fish Lacey had ever reeled in.

They took a photo and said goodbye, but would quickly realize they would be saying hello to a new family edition.

"Then he released it and my water broke right then and there," Kastern says

Lacey started going into labor right there in the boat.

"We went to go start the boat, we pulled in the lines, Aron went to start the boat and the battery was dead," Kastern says.

But fortunately the couple was able to jump it and the boat motor started going. It was off the lake and straight to the hospital where Lacey delivered an 8lb 11oz baby girl named Bella.

"You know, Bella will have a story forever to tell," Aron Kastern says. "She was almost born on a boat in Lake Superior. I mean, it was pretty cool."

All of the fish went back in the water that day, and that's okay because they're bringing home the best keeper of them all.

"That's a pretty good story and the fact tomorrow is Mother's Day and I will be taking my little girl home with me."

A sweet ending to a fish story that is anything but fabricated.