PHOENIX - We are two weeks away from a historic phenomenon of the solar eclipse. According the United State Naval Observatory, it’s expected to last two minutes and 44.3 seconds and has captured the attention of millions.

While Arizona is not in the totality path that crosses 12 states, there are animations that can give you an idea of what to expect from the solar eclipse in Arizona.

If you didn’t book a flight to any of the 12 states, there’s still hope. Shadow and Substance website has created animations renderings to see how the eclipse will look in every state.

If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity and you hate to see a good pair of solar eclipse glasses go unused, start planning. The next similar solar eclipse that’s expected to be visible across the U.S. is April 8, 2024 but be aware, that will also not be viewable in Arizona.

WATCH: 12 News will live stream the eclipse from cities across the nation on the 12 News Facebook page.

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