Hundreds of people will be packing up and rushing either out or into the city this holiday weekend.

Traffic is hard to avoid, but planning ahead can be helpful.

"It's always hard to predict year to year, but I think the expectation is a lot of people are going to be on the road for Thanksgiving," said Doug Nintzel a spokesperson for Arizona Department of Transportation.

According to Nintzel, ADOT is not scheduling any construction closures along the state highways from Wednesday to Monday morning, in an attempt to ease up traffic.

"We expect that Wednesday afternoon is going to be especially busy and especially on those highways heading to the high country," Nintzel said.

ADOT also suggests that if you really want to get a head start, it's better you head out of the Valley Tuesday evening. Wednesday after 3:00 p.m. is when you will definitely hit the worse traffic.

Returning to the Valley takes just as much planning.

"The best time for returning at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend is going to be early Sunday morning," Nintzel said.

As people are leaving and coming to the Valley, speed limits are also something to keep a close eye on.

"For Interstate 17, with it being so busy, one of our measures that has kicked in this year, when we do have these major holiday weekends -- we are reducing the speed," Nintzel said.

The speed limit on Interstate 17 between Anthem and Sunset Point will be lowered by 10 miles per hour beginning Wednesday.

Doug mentions how lowering the speed limits just took a start this past Memorial Weekend in effort to decrease accidents.

Remember, if you plan on leaving the Valley for Thanksgiving or coming; watch out for speed limits, leave early.