PHOENIX - Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's father was allegedly a bank robber who landed on the Federal Bureau of Investigations' Most Wanted list, according to Paddock's brother.

Paddock's brother claims their father was Patrick Paddock, also known as Benjamin Patrick Paddock, "Baldy", "Big Daddy" and "Chromedome." Patrick robbed a Valley National Bank of Arizona near 19th Street and McDowell Road in 1960 and fled to Las Vegas.

At the time, newspaper accounts reported Patrick was living in Tucson with his family and four children. Presumably, Stephen, who killed more than 50 people and wounded 500 others, was one of those children.

Patrick was also caught in Las Vegas after the FBI found his getaway car at a hotel. Newspaper accounts said Patrick tried to run over an FBI agent, but stopped when that agent fired a shot into his windshield.

After his conviction, Patrick was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison, but escaped and went on the run again. Nine years later, Patrick was caught in Oregon, living under yet another name. He reportedly died in 1998.

Today, the Valley National Bank that Patrick robbed is a City of Phoenix senior center, but the vault still inside.