Imagine never being able to read another comic book. If, all of a sudden, the pages of your DC books turned blank, it would be pretty devastating, right?

That's how it is for those with visual impairments every day, but one Phoenix man is hoping to change that by bringing comics to life.

There is no braille in this comic -- only voices, and everything will be accessible with the click of a mouse.

Kristian Zewton has been visual all his life and always wanted to create a comic he could read. The want was amplified this year when he bought his son a comic and realized even if he enlarged the images, he couldn't see the pages.

That's when he came up with Stan's Adventures, one of the world's first audio comics. The comic -- set in space -- follows the experiences of Stan; his Rastafarian, pizza-cooking buddy; and Stan's robotic maid.

As you click through the illustrations of the Web-only comic, a voice will describe the drawings while voice actors read the speech bubbles.

"It's exciting to know that I am providing something the rest of the sighted population has access to," said Newton. "This was probably the happiness moment, so far, this year."

Unfortunately, the comic isn't available yet. The group behind the project actually needs a little more money to pay for a programmer to get it online.

That's why they've created a Kickstarter page in the hopes of raising $1,500. If they are successful, those across the world with visual impairments can enjoy their creation.

If you'd like to help go to