PHOENIX - Country music radio stations in the Valley and across the country spent Monday morning reacting to the news of a mass shooting at a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas.

In Phoenix, that includes KMLE 107.9’s Chris Matthews and Nina D.

Instead of playing music, the two used the airwaves to talk with listeners about the tragedy.

“We focused just on the experience, on letting our listeners, letting the Valley, just grieve or express whatever they needed to,” KMLE morning show host Chris Matthews told 12 News.

“It's so heavy, it's so devastating, but there's an expectation of people want to know what happened,” said KMLE’s other morning host, Nina D. “Are the country music stars OK? Are there any listeners affected?”

In fact, some Valley listeners were directly affected. KMLE sent a listener to the 3-day country music festival.

KNIX, radio station 102.5, did as well. One of the station’s hosts, Brooke Hoover, tweeted a message that read, “Just woke up to the horrific news. I have no words. We sent many listeners to this festival in Vegas. Prayers to everyone.”

“It just hit so close to home,” Matthews said. “It was something that we felt like it was an attack on our family. The country music community is so tight and so close-knit.”

As the morning went on, KMLE was able to get in touch with the listener who won a trip to the concert and learned they are safe.