It takes a lot to interrupt a teenage boy's quest for food, but when something does, it's most likely a big deal.

That was certainly the case in New Hartford, New York earlier this week.

"We were going to Pizza Boys for the dollar pizza slice," says 14-year-old Vinny Chapman. "We heard a man calling for help and he's laying in his driveway, like hurt on the ground."

"He told us that he fell and couldn't get up," adds Austin Lince.

From there, the teens learned Donald Brown was 86-years-old and had been lying in the hot sun for two hours.

"The fact that he told us that many people walked by and drove by and no one stopped just made me realize that we're the only ones that actually cared about him," Lince says.

"I felt the worry in this voice. It wasn't like, 'Can you come here and help me?' It was like a cry for help," Chapman adds.

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