CHANDLER, Ariz. - Nearly 3,000 students received free school supplies in Chandler, thanks to Operation Back to School.

Families lined up in the heat for hours, some even waiting overnight at Chandler High School, so they could be a part of Chandler's fifth annual Operation Back to School.

"It makes a big difference," said Jaynelle Reese. "Definitely. That's why I'm here. It's worth standing in line for. Sweating.

Reese brought her two granddaughters to the event Saturday morning and they received about 90 dollars worth of supplies each, including backpacks filled with school supplies.

Operation Back to School supplies about 3,000 of Chandler's students with almost everything they need to go back to school. Besides they supplies, they received socks, shoes, underwear, uniforms and even dental exams to keep their teeth healthy.

The event makes a big difference in a district where 8 of its 50 schools are Title I schools and many families wouldn't necessarily be able to buy the supplies on their own.

"It would be tough," Reese said. "I'd probably have to ask family members or just find somewhere where I could get the donations or something."

"We want to have an education population in Chandler that is able and willing to learn in our schools and we know being ready is part of that," said Vice Mayor Kevin Hartke, who's organized the event since it started.