San Diego Comic-Con announced its prop weapons policy Saturday, ending speculation over a full prop weapons ban.

SDCC will have two "Costume Props Desks" at the convention to handle tagging and zip-tying all prop weapons. No functional props or weapons will be allowed in the convention. The addition of the second Costume Props Desk is new for 2017.

Read the updated SDCC policy here.

SDCC has been called the "largest convention of its kind in the world," according to Forbes.

Many wondered how SDCC would handle prop weapons after a man was arrested inside Phoenix Comicon with four loaded guns, according to police.

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Police said 31-year-old Mathew Sterling made threats to harm a performer at the event. Police also believe he intended to attack officers as well.

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The incident happened on the first day of Phoenix Comicon, resulting in a full ban of all prop weapons for the rest of the convention. Phoenix Comicon also added security checkpoints where all bags were checked and everyone was wanded.

The increased security caused some people to wait in line for hours on the events second day as temperatures topped at 96 degrees.

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