PHOENIX - The prosecution rested its case Monday in the trial of Philip Brailsford, a former Mesa police officer accused fo murder.

Brailsford allegedly shot and killed Daniel Shaver in a Mesa hotel in 2016 after responding to a call of a man pointing a rifle out a window. Shaver was unarmed.

Prosecutors wrapped up their case by questioning Det. Paul Sipe, who recommended charges against Brailsford.

Sipe testified Monday that there was information left out of all of the responding officers' reports from the night of the shooting, including that Shaver was sobbing and begging not to be shot.

Brailsford's attorneys began their case with a police use of force expert. That expert testified police officers do not necessarily need to see a weapon in order to use deadly force. The expert testified that it's often too late once a weapon is seen.

The trial will continue on Tuesday.