Mesa, AZ- Without a doubt, the Halloween season is the most productive time of the year for Groovy Ghoulies Costumes in Mesa.

“Sat down and ran the numbers a few years ago. We pretty much do the same amount business the month of October as we do the other 11 months added together. If that was spread out more evenly. We probably wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now,” said Larry Horn, who owns Groovy Ghoulies Costumes along with his wife Denise.

After nearly 40-years, Groovy Ghoulies will be closing its doors.

“Over the last few years the business has been slowly declining. This year's been pretty slow,” said Horn.

The costume store was facing the same issues that have affected many retail businesses. Strong competition from online shopping to big-box retailers who can afford to sell merchandise at lower prices.

Groovy Ghoulies Costumes is located near the intersection of Alma School Road and Southern Avenue in Mesa. The neighborhood has been bad for business. The Fiesta Mall is nearly empty and the strip malls in the area are filled with empty storefronts. Horn says it has killed the everyday walk-by traffic.

“Definitely less people driving by and noticing. Starbucks right next to us went out about two months ago and that pretty much killed any walk-in traffic we would have,” said Horn.

Mary and Howard Faber, Horn's in-laws, originally opened the store as Bubbles of Joy in 1979. The name changed to Groovy Ghoulies about 5 years ago when Horn and his wife took over.

The Fabers say they will cherish the memories that had with customers.

“They use to shop here as a kid. Now they're bringing their kids in. So it's pretty cool,” said Howard Faber.

The costume shop's time may be coming to an end but the family feel the store had a good run.

“Enjoyed every minute of it. It had its ups and downs," said Horn. The customers are what we’re going to miss. Helping families find their costume. Little kids dressed up and they're so happy we have the costume they want. That's what we're going to miss. The interaction with the customers."

After Halloween, Groovy Ghoulies Costumes will have a big clearance sale. They must sell everything before they can close the doors for good.