Arizona Sen. John McCain has been nothing but quiet as the saga involving former FBI Director James Comey, President Trump and Russia continues to unfold -- his Arizona senate colleague, not so much.

On Tuesday, McCain released a statement saying reports of Trump allegedly revealing sensitive intelligence to top Russian officials were "deeply disturbing."

Come Wednesday, McCain had gone where few other Republicans would dare to go, saying the scandals have reached "Watergate size and scale."

"Watergate took nine months," he said. "This thing seems to be taking hours."

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With a re-election bid in his near future, Sen. Jeff Flake has stayed relatively tight-lipped on the subject.

Just seven words Tuesday. That's all the Arizona senator used to address what McCain hasn't shied away from criticizing recently.

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Flake tweeted, appearing to imply there was more to the issue, "Congress needs to see the Comey memo," referencing Comey's memo saying Trump asked him to stop the Michael Flynn-Russia investigation.

The other Republican members from Arizona's congressional delegation, with their own imminent re-election bids, have remained silent. The Democratic members have not.

Both McCain and Flake have since voiced their support of the Department of Justice's selection of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel leading the Russia investigation.

Flake tweeted "we are fortunate" he accepted the role adding Mueller is a "respected public servant."

In a Facebook post, McCain praised Mueller saying he's an "excellent choice," but said Congress must also conduct its own investigation.