In case you've been living under a rock, we'll say it one more time: The president is coming to Phoenix Tuesday.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the Phoenix Convention Center Tuesday at 7 p.m. He'll be visiting Yuma earlier in the day where he will tour U.S. Customs and Border Protection equipment and meet with Marines stationed there.

Air Force One is expected to land at Sky Harbor around 4:20 p.m. Authorities have not said what path the presidential motorcade will take to downtown Phoenix for the speech.

Law enforcement in the Valley is preparing for the possibility of protests, particularly after Trump's comments last week on the clash between white nationalists and protesters in Charlottesville that left one protester dead. Arizona Democrats said they were worried protests may turn violent.

Here's a list of what you can't bring inside the rally if you are attending.

Vice President Mike Pence will also be at the event, according to NBC News. But Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- a major supporter of Trump during the 2016 campaign -- won't.

Arizona state senator Kelli Ward will be at the convention center, but it's not clear if Trump will formally endorse her there.

Trump had hinted at the possibility of pardoning Arpaio for his criminal contempt conviction in a racial profiling case, but a new poll shows 37 percent of voters support a pardon while 57 percent oppose it.

If you're planning to fly a drone to capture footage of the scene outside the convention center or the president's arrival, don't. The Federal Aviation Administration has placed a temporary flight restriction over the Phoenix area from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday morning.

Traffic throughout downtown is expected to be hectic later in the afternoon with several road closures.

Employees with state agencies got the go-ahead to leave work early Tuesday, according to a spokesperson for Gov. Ducey. The exception is so they can avoid any snags or violence related to protests.

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