YUMA, Ariz. - Right on the money, Air Force One landed at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma at exactly 1:45 p.m. as planned.

The pit stop in Yuma was announced after his team confirmed President Trump would visit Phoenix for a re-election campaign rally Tuesday evening.

On his itinerary was a visit with the Yuma Sector Border Patrol, and a tour of its boats, drones and planes.

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The mayor of Yuma, Doug Nichols, said he thought the visit would be beneficial for the president and the small city alike, as reported by NBC affiliate KYMA-TV in Yuma.

"Being in Washington D.C., far away from the border, I don't think a lot of people truly understand it," said Nichols.

But not everyone was so happy with President Trump's visit to Yuma.

Across the street from the air base, protestors showed up with signs that read things such as “Dump Trump.”

Not far away, supporters with “Make America Great Again” flags and their own signs, showing messages of support as the Air Force 1 taxied on the runway at the Yuma International Airport, which shares the property with MCAS Yuma.

Either way, the trip served as more than just a better understanding of the border region.

White House Officials said it was also to observe national security strategies that may be duplicated in other areas of the U.S. border with Mexico.

Customs and Border Protection Officials saying illegal immigration in the Yuma sector went down by almost 130,000 apprehensions.

They attributed that to better technology and resources, including an already-standing border wall along San Luiz, Ariz., which spans miles to the east.

After a closed briefing on border protection, which lasted less than an hour, Trump made his way to the Valley, stopping to shake the hands of service members before re-boarding Air Force 1.