SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. - Adam Stevens is a Republican candidate running for a seat in the Arizona State House in Legislative District 16. On Friday morning, when he got in the car to head to a meeting with a potential voter, he found a disturbing message on his driveway.

“Open my garage and that’s what I got to see: A giant swastika and ‘go home Jew,’” said Adam Stevens. “It’s so blatant and it’s so disgusting.”

Stevens believes someone spray painted the large message in the overnight hours. The taggers also spray painted the message at his front step and hit a campaign sign on his lawn with a swastika.

“What makes this so sad is that it’s such a wonderful community -- family community, inclusive community -- that some person would do this,” Stevens said.

The candidate is in a six-way primary race for two spots representing District 16.

Stevens said he’s never encountered anything like this before, and it won’t derail his campaign.

“This won’t deter me. If anything, this gives me the extra drive, not that I needed much," Stevens said. "This gives me that drive to continue to fight for my community, to serve my community in ways that I can, to continue pushing that positive message of bringing people together.”

Stevens thinks the political climate nationwide has become angrier in its tone.

“As candidates and political leaders, I think we all need to change that tone: Start bringing people together and not pulling people apart," Stevens said. "Not talking about people as they are groups. We’re all Americans. We’re all Arizonan."

Stevens alerted the authorities and the vandalism under investigation.