PHOENIX - Have President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office been successful?

Arizonans are split on the question, according to a poll released Wednesday by Phoenix news radio station KTAR and OH Predictive Insights.

The poll, which asked eight questions to 401 Arizonans, showed more than half (54 percent) did not think Trump's first 100 days were successful. On the flip side, 43 percent said they were successful, and 3 percent did not answer the question.

Broken down by party, 72 percent of Republicans said the time frame had been successful and 81 percent of Democrats said it had not, signifying a fairly clean distinction down party lines.

Arizona is pretty evenly split on Trump's impact on their own lives.

A plurality of respondents (38 percent) said they were worse off after Trump's first 100 days while 31 percent said they were better off and 30 percent said they were the same. Only 1 percent refused to respond.

The poll also asked Arizonans how frequently they feel media reports accurately on Trump's agenda and actions.

That vote was fairly split, with 26 percent saying "most of the time," 25 percent saying "sometimes" and 21 percent saying "very rarely."

The poll also broached local issues, focusing on Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and his performance. The responses to those questions and other questions about the border wall will be released Thursday morning.