Despite a report that said otherwise, Jeff Flake took to Twitter Monday morning to rule out a bid for the Senate as an independent.

The report, published in U.S. News, said Flake "had given his blessing" to an organization to conduct polling as he considered an independent run. The publication sourced someone "familiar with his thinking."

Flake tweeted, "not gonna happen."

"I subscribe to the old saw," Flake said. "Running as an Independent is the future...and will always be the future."

He followed that tweet with another saying he was a conservative and a Republican.

"This fever will someday break and we can rebuild our party once more," he said.

Arizona's junior senator announced last week he would not seek re-election.

As for his plans after his term ends?

In his speech on the Senate floor and in a statement that followed, Flake said he'd be"better able to represent the people of Arizona and serve my country," by stepping away and freeing himself from political consideration that "consumed far too much bandwidth."

"We must respect each other again in an atmosphere of shared facts and shared value," he said. "We must argue our positions fervidly and never be afraid to compromise. We must assume the best of our fellow man. And always look for the good."