PHOENIX - President Barack Obama ended his historic presidency with an hour-long address touching on policy issues, defending Muslim Americans and reminding the American people of the pillars of democracy he implored everyone to carry on.

Social media reaction poured in -- many expressing gratitude with emojis, memes and a simple "thank you."

An emotional moment between President Obama, the first lady and Malia Obama lit up social media, with many tearing up when the president expressed his thanks and love to his family.

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Actress Holly Robinson Peete tweeted a photo of the tearful first daughter, writing, "Malia is making me sob."

And praise for the president came from all sides of the political aisle.

Democratic senator Tim Kaine thanked the president for his leadership in a tweet.

Sen. Jeff Flake, an Obama critic, typed out this tweet: " Just listened to POTUS (sic) final address. Haven't always agreed on policy, but I appreciate his dedication and service to the country."

The hashtag #WheresSasha was trending after the speech because the president's youngest daughter was noticably absent from the event. A White House spokesperson said she could not attend due to a school assignment.