PHOENIX - Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes has apologized for telling a candidate for the state House of Representatives to "Go F-" himself, but did not apologize to the candidate directly.

In an argument on Nathan Schneider's Facebook page, Fontes wrote "How about you go F-yourself."

Schneider, a candidate to represent Arizona's 13th district, had criticized the layout of the November ballot and said that Fontes had ignored his concerns. Schneider had apparently deleted Fontes' prior comment, he said because it was condescending and rude.

Fontes continued his attack on Schneider's Facebook page.

" your Mom also running your campaign?" Fontes wrote. "She seems to solve all your other problems."

Fontes then said his comments were "a little ribbing" and wrote that deleting Fontes' comment should disqualify Schneider from holding office due to "cowardice."

In a Facebook Live statement Wednesday, Fontes apologized to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, voters, his supporters and county elections employees -- but never apologized to Schneider or mentioned him by name at all.

"I got this one wrong," Fontes said. "I can't take it back and I'm sorry I let you down."

A spokesperson for Fontes initially said Fontes only meant to apologize to the voters of Maricopa County. A few minutes later, that spokesperson said Fontes would reach out to Schneider to apologize.