PHOENIX - Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine spoke with 12 News at an event in Phoenix Friday night.

Kaine was asked about lewd remarks Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made back in 2005 that were released Friday. In the video, Trump joked about kissing and groping women without their permission.

"On the one hand, the fact that he said absolutely horrible things about women is not a complete surprise, but it's just like there's no bottom to this guy," Kaine said. "So when you think it's gotten as bad as it can get, then it goes even further."

WATCH: Trump issues video apology later Friday night

Kaine went on to question Trump's apology, which he said did not really take responsibility for the comments.

"He seems to have something missing where he can never say 'I'm wrong' about something," Kaine said, "and that's a dangerous trait."